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Marijuana advocates trying again for legalization

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Marijuana advocates have high hopes that the latest proposal to legalize pot in Wisconsin has a better chance of success than ever given growing public support, but the bill unveiled Thursday again faces stiff opposition from Republicans who control the Legislature.

Kaul won't restart juvenile prison investigation

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Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said on Wednesday that he's not going to start a new investigation into the state's juvenile prisons, the same day that a new report showed young inmates are still being pepper sprayed, shackled and held in solitary confinement despite a court order to reduce such practices.

Man convicted for killing 2 brothers outside Twin Lakes bar

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A jury has convicted a man accused of killing two brothers after a fight at a Twin Lakes bar in November 2017.

5 years in prison for fatal drunken driving hit-and-run

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A man accused of driving drunk, killing a pedestrian and fleeing from the scene in Waupaca County is sentenced to five years in prison.

Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects annexation for sand mine

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The state Supreme Court has rejected the city of Whitehall's attempt to annex land for a sand mine.

Hudson attorney faces 2-year license suspension

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A Hudson attorney faces a two-year license suspension over allegations that he violated more than a dozen attorney-ethics rules.

Statutory Interpretation – Property Tax Classification

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In 2016, the Board of Review for the Town of Delafield reclassified two lots of land owned by The Peter Ogden Family Trust of 2008 and The Therese A. Mahoney-Ogden Family Trust of 2008 from "agricultural land" to "residential."

Statutory Interpretation – Sentence Credit

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=158385
This is a review of an unpublished, per curiam decision of the court of appeals, State v. Zachary S. Friedlander, No. 2017AP1337-CR, unpublished slip op.

Prosecutors: Teen typed plan to kill grandparents

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A 17-year-old typed out pages on how he planned to fatally shoot his grandparents and law-enforcement officials found those notes with a book on an executioner in the teen's backpack after he called 911 and confessed to the killings, prosecutors in Wisconsin said Tuesday.

Court orders new trial in fetal malpractice case

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A state appeals court has ordered a new trial in a medical-malpractice lawsuit alleging a Milwaukee doctor didn't take steps to protect a baby from brain damage.

Kaul, lawmakers propose uniform rape-testing protocol

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A bipartisan plan released on Tuesday to prevent future backlogs of sexual-assault kits in Wisconsin would set new timelines and protocols for nurses, victims and members of law enforcement.

Evers chooses 14 lawyers, 1 law professor for judicial selection committee

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Gov. Tony Evers on Monday announced his picks for a committee that interviews and recommends candidates for appointments to judicial vacancies.

Evers seeking applications for Milwaukee County Register of Deeds

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Gov. Tony Evers is taking applications for a vacant register of deeds position in Milwaukee County.

Abuse of Discretion – Newly Discovered Evidence

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Jerry Simone Wilson appeals the order denying his motion for postconviction relief based on newly discovered evidence.

Settlement reached in Hudson parade accident

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A Hudson family injured during a 2013 parade accident has settled a lawsuit against the Shriners.

Wisconsin Supreme Court to take lame-duck lawsuit

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court has agreed to consider a legal challenge to Republican-backed laws passed in a lame-duck session last year that limited the powers of the state's newly elected governor and attorney general.

WHO'S DOING WHAT: Hupy and Abraham celebrates 50th anniversary; GRGB honored for ALS work

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Hupy and Abraham celebrated it 50th anniversary with a gathering on April 15 at its office in downtown Milwaukee.

Police: Teen gunned down grandparents

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A 17-year-old told investigators that he fatally shot his grandparents and was planning to cause harm at his eastern Wisconsin high school, police said Monday.

Police: Teen admits fatally shooting elderly couple he knew

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=158733
A 17-year-old told investigators that he fatally shot an elderly couple and was planning to cause harm at his high school in eastern Wisconsin, police said Monday.

Wisconsin withdraws from lawsuit challenging EPA plan

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=158730
Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has successfully withdrawn Wisconsin from a multistate lawsuit challenging a federal rule regulating certain air pollutants, including mercury.