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Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear lame-duck arguments

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The state Supreme Court is poised to listen to arguments in the last lawsuit challenging Republicans' lame-duck laws weakening Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul's powers.

Judicial Council receives 3rd open-records request of the year

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The Wisconsin Judicial Council received its second open-records request of the year at its monthly meeting on Friday.

Wisconsin governor calls special session on gun control

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Gov. Tony Evers on Monday called the Legislature into a special session next month to take up a pair of gun-control proposals that Republican leaders have been unwilling to debate, accusing them of telling those who support the legislatin to "go to hell."

Ordinance Interpretation – 1st Amendment Violation

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An ordinance in Downers Grove, Illinois, limits the size and location of signs.

Chicago, Maine attorneys learn Tuesday if they'll lose Wisconsin licenses

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A Chicago attorney and a Maine attorney will learn if they'll lose their Wisconsin licenses on Tuesday.

The financial cost of the opioid crisis (CHART)

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Class Action – WARN Act Violation

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164297
A group of workers at an Illinois coal mine received some unwelcome news on February 5, 2016.

Class Action – Opt Out of Settlement

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164295
The district court certified a class of African-American financial advisers who worked at JPMorgan Chase Bank between 2013 and 2018.

Insurance – Duty to Defend – Breach of Contract Exclusion

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164289
This appeal arises from a diversity action for declaratory relief brought by Crum & Forster Specialty Insurance Company (oeCrum) against GHD Inc., now known as DVO Inc. (oeDVO), seeking a determination that Crum does not have a duty to defend DVO in a state court action filed against DVO.

Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act Violation

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164287
Anyone who has worked in a commissioned sales position knows that earnings are unpredictable.

Juveniles at Wisconsin prison steal keys, shatter windows

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164269
Newly released records show that juveniles at a Wisconsin prison stole a set of prison keys, shattered windows and threw punches at one another during a disturbance this summer.

Appleton woman steals $1.3M from employer to go on vacations

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164280
An Appleton woman could spend up to 25 years in prison for stealing $1.3 million from her former employer and using it to go on luxury vacations and cruises.

Wisconsin tribes receive $8M in federal public-safety grants

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164278
Eight Wisconsin tribes will receive more than $8 million from the U.S. Department of Justice for public safety and supporting victims of crime.

Assembly bill would require assault-kit testing within 90 days

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164261
The Wisconsin Department of Justice would have to test sexual-assault kits within 90 days of collecting them under a new state assembly bill. The Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety met Thursday for an executive session and a public hearing on the proposal.

“Abhorrent, disgusting, frightening”: Activists testify before Assembly about bestiality bill

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164256
Wisconsin lawmakers and animal-rights activists spoke out in support of a bill to make bestiality a felony. Speakers at the public hearing on Thursday cited possible reasons why people might engage such behavior, blaming a cultural phenomenon and the occult.

Wisconsin special election for Congress will be May 12

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Gov. Tony Evers is setting May 12 as the date of a special election for northern Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District to replace former Republican Rep. Sean Duffy . The primary will be Feb. 18.

Weekly Case Digests – October 14, 2019 – October 18, 2019

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Weekly Case Digests " October 14, 2019 " October 18, 2019

Authorities make 5th arrest in THC vaping business

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164240
Authorities have made a fifth arrest in connection with a black-market THC-vape-manufacturing business in Wisconsin.

Lawyer accused of stalking, beating woman may still practice while charged

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164234
A Milwaukee criminal defense attorney is allowed to still practice law while he undergoes his own court proceedings for abusing, threatening and stalking a woman.

Evers sign bill extending insurance for police survivors

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=164244
Gov. Tony Evers has signed a bill that extends health insurance to the immediate survivors of police officers and emergency medical workers who were killed in the line of duty.