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Man charged with trying to have his probation agent killed

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A man is charged in Dane County with trying to have his probation agent killed because the agent was trying to put him in a drug-treatment center.

Illinois principal charged with sexual assault in Wisconsin

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A northern Illinois elementary school principal has been charged with sexually assaulting a Wisconsin student a decade ago while she was a student at a high school where he worked as a dean.

Court Error – Ordinance Compliance

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165786
Teresa Anderson, pro se, appeals an order compelling her compliance with Shawano County™s Health, Junk and Environmental Hazard Ordinance No. 7-09.

Supreme Court considers making it easier to report lawyer misconduct

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165806
The Wisconsin Supreme Court is considering making it easier to report lawyers for misconduct.

U.S. Supreme Court denies cert petitions in 2 Wisconsin cases

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165771
The U.S. Supreme Court denied petitions for writ certiorari in two Wisconsin cases in an order published Monday.

Duluth to consider banning conversion therapy

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165802
Duluth is the latest city to consider banning conversion therapy meant to change a person's sexual orientation.

Student accused in shooting ‘tired of being picked on'

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165797
A Wisconsin teenager who was shot by a police officer after he allegedly pointed a pellet gun at another student's head says he was "tired of being picked on," according to criminal charges filed Monday.

Arrest made in Racine homicide

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165769
A female suspect has been arrested in a fatal shooting in Racine, police said Monday.

Lanham Act – Attorney Fees

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165753
Defendants appeal the denial of their request for Lanham Act attorney fees following the plaintiff™s voluntary dismissal of its trademark infringement suit.

Immigration – Removal Order – Due Process Violation

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165743
Ruben Lopez Ramos brings this petition to review the removal decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (oeBIA).

Wisconsin Guard leader to make changes after assault probe

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165763
The head of the Wisconsin National Guard said Monday that he intends to follow the recommendations made after an investigation into reports of sexual assault and harassment.

Judgment – Breach of Contract

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165755
In June 2013, a storm passed over Villas at Winding Ridge (oeWinding Ridge), a condominium complex located in Indiana, causing some minor damage from hail.

Damages – Comparative Negligence

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165747
For four years, nurse practitioner Denise Jordan treated Kevin Clanton™s severe hypertension. Jordan, an employee of the U.S. Public Health Service, failed to properly educate Clanton about his disease or to monitor its advancement.

State Assembly considers new pretrial detention bills

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165669
A Wisconsin Assembly committee is considering three bills that would implement new pretrial detention procedures and discourage use of cash bail.

Who wants to be friends – with a judge?

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165714
On Jan. 13, 2020, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the question of who can be friends with a judge " at least in the cyber world. The implications of the case may affect the use of ESM (Electronic Social Media) by judges and bring into play the adage oebad facts make bad law.

Sheriff urges media to keep school stabber's name secret

Source: https://wislawjournal.com/?p=165715
A 16-year-old Wisconsin high school student who was shot after he stabbed a police officer could face attempted homicide charges, but authorities are asking media outlets to keep his name secret out of fear of sparking copycat incidents.

Weekly Case Digests – December 2, 2019 – December 6, 2019

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Weekly Case Digests " December 2, 2019 " December 6, 2019

Ashley Molley – Hupy and Abraham

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During her 16 years at Hupy and Abraham, Ashley Molley has earned a reputation as a go-to person at the firm.

Wendy Schlies – Godfrey & Kahn

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Wendy Schlies™ title may be paralegal, but that word falls far short of summing up everything she does at Godfrey & Kahn.

Anne Peterson – Falk Legal Group

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Anne Peterson views her job at Falk Legal Group as requiring her to do whatever is necessary to help attorneys and staff employees there achieve or maintain their standard of excellence.